Lucca, July-September 2018

Cartasia 2018: «Chaos and Silence»


Cartasia is the International Paper Biennial Show set up in 2004: it aims at promoting tradition, culture, sustainability and innovation through art and design, and it’s now heading into its ninth edition.

Cartasia is an International Paper Biennal Show for the promotion of sustainable uses of paper and derivatives throughout the world of art and design, with a dedicated approach, also through talks and fun events. The next edition will take place in Lucca between July and September 2018.

On the occasion of every edition, the Biennale invites artists and designers to come together within the beautiful walls of Lucca and create art pieces, performances and ideas that use paper in a bold and innovative way, touching on contemporary issues.

Cartasia invites creators to submit projects focussed on paper creations and which are in line with this year’s theme, i.e. Chaos and Silence. The choice of this year’s theme stems from the idea that we are currently exposed to an excess of stimuli, news, positive or negative notions, which induce human beings into a state of numbness due to information overload. This numbness makes us perceive all inputs as the same as any other: the enormous amount of stress we are subject to makes it difficult for us to distinguish the specific qualities of each stimulus. The world around us has become confusing and indecipherable. In this context the search for silence, clarity and peace, appears to be an essential need for contemporary society as a response to this developing chaos.

On the other hand, silence can be synonymous with isolation, disconnection, refusal of confrontation. Continuous movement, dynamic and steady development, and the relationship between individual minds make chaos a great creative possibility. There are signs that chaos is extremely alive, responsive, diverse and interlinked, as is today’s society. The Biennial Show invites artists to be creative, each of them with their personal approach.

Outdoor art, Indoor art and Design

The artworks selected will then be created and/or showcased by the Biennial Show. Three main exhibitions will be set in symbolic places of the city and focus on Outdoor art, Indoor art and Design. Thus, Cartasia has foreseen three Calls for Artists for its 2018 edition:

Outdoor Call for Artists: an invitation to create large scale sculptures using paper and/or derivatives as main material. Indoor Call for artists: an invitation to submit works and performances involving the use of paper and/or derivatives to create an exhibition.

Design Call for Artists: an invitation to submit design works and projects involving the use of paper and/or derivatives to create an exhibition.

The Calls will shortly be available online. Deadline for submissions: 14th December, 11:59 pm.

The Biennale does not only focuse on paper in the world of art and design, but it is also a chance for networking and conferences. Cartasia aims at approaching the paper industry through «Talks», i.e. a series of short conferences where various aspects of the paper world are discussed. Networking events are also scheduled in the relaxed, chilled Tuscan atmosphere of Lucca.

Other events aimed at involving participants at large in the world of paper will also take place. These include activities such as «Fun», i.e., like the past edition, creative labs where children are invited to create and design paper art, encouraged by experienced and creative teachers. More information on other exciting activities will be coming soon.

In the meantime, the Biennale is open to the public throughout the year, even if the next edition still has to begin. Cartasia is a permanent exhibition: you can visit the monumental sculptures from the past edition inside the evocative stone walls that surround the city, under the bastions of Santa Croce, San Martino and San Paolino churches.

The Biennale is also ready to travel around: the beautiful cardboard sculptures are available to exhibit and purchase for events and exhibitions worldwide. They have already started their journey with their trip to Cannes last year.

Goal of the exhibition

The Design section stimulates thinking about today’s design in view of future sustainability, viewing innovation as the anticipation of future needs and desires. Sustainability, a key theme of the Biennial Show, is one of the most important concepts to keep in mind when it comes to redesigning and innovation: new products, new spaces and / or new uses and functions.

The contest will involve a selection of prototype projects (ideas, boards, videos), the exhibition of objects or interesting solutions as an answer to the emerging theme and above all the use of paper and its derivatives.

As regards Indoor art, the contest is open to professional emerging artists and aims at selecting works, performances, ideas involving the use of paper and derivatives, thereby focusing on originality and / or a bold, unique and innovative use. The final selection will include the exhibition of works and the creation of performances in the venues of the Bienniale.

As regards Outdoor art, the contest is open to enthusiasts, students and professionals and aims at selecting monumental works of art involving the use of paper and derivatives, thereby focusing on on originality and / or a bold, unique and innovative approach. The final selection will include the exhibition of works of art in the squares of the city of Lucca, Tuscany, where the Biennial Show is held.

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Cartasia, the first international paper festival
Cartasia is the international Biennal Show on paper and its shapes, explored and experienced as never before. At Cartasia, paper becomes a means to express Art, a versatile element of Design, a topic to expand on during Talks and games, as well as the chance to discover new Fun activities.
The Biennale takes place in the beautiful medieval town of Lucca (Tuscany), one of the biggest paper production centres in Europe.