Italy for Climate

Changing direction and climate crisis


The Italy for Climate initiative, which was launched by FoSS in collaboration with companies sensitive to issues related to climate change and the circular economy, i.e. Conou, ERG, ING, e2i, illy, Davines, aims at supporting the transition towards net zero emissions by 2050 through a roadmap based on 7 pillars and promoting, at the same time, an informed debate with institutions, companies and the public opinion.
The initiative was envisaged to support the transition towards a carbon-neutral economy, i.e. net-zero emissions by 2050, and, in the meantime, to promote,
a widespread and informed debate on issues related to the climate and energy in Italy, thereby involving companies, institutions and the public opinion to the extent possible.
The tools and the technologies enabling us to act swiftly and effectively towards a low-carbon economy are already available.
This is a challenging, and yet now inevitable transition, therefore addressing this challenge immediately is today not only necessary, but above all advantageous for the environment, health and the economy.
Italy for Climate’s roadmap is based on 7 pillars.
Energy transition.
Circular economy.
Decarbonisation of the transport sector.
Climate change adaptation.
Agriculture, forest management and soil management.
Research, innovation and digitalization.
A price for carbon emissions.