Italy third in Europe for packaging recycling


Italy confirms its position at the forefront within the European recycling industry, ranking third for packaging recycling (with a recycling rate of 67%) and following Germany (71%) and Spain (70%).
Several packaging supply chains, i.e. paper, glass, plastics, wood, aluminium and steel, have already gone beyond, or are about to do so, the new objectives foreseen at a European level for 2025, while other supply chains, i.e. WEEE, end-of-life vehicles, are proceeding more slowly.
This is a strategic sector for our country, which is not rich in raw materials and every year receives about 12 million tons of raw materials for the national industry.
These are the most important findings emerged from the presentation of the 10th edition of the annual report on recycling in Italy L’Italia del Riciclo, which is promoted and produced by the Foundation for Sustainable Development and Fise Unicircular À , i.e. the Union of Companies that embrace the concept of a circular economy
The recycling rates of individual packaging waste supply chains have reached record highs: paper (81% and third position in Europe), glass (76% and third position), plastics (45% and third position), wood (63%, second position), aluminium (80%), and steel (79%).