Enhancing hygiene tissues with a non-contact application process


Manufacturers of hygiene tissues face constantly increasing consumer demands: paper tissues, toilet paper, napkins or cosmetic tissues are not only expected to clean nowadays but provide a better sensation on the skin, pleasant fragrance or even care properties. However, this also creates opportunities for new or stronger positioning on the market, without much effort and even with increased productivity. The non-contact precise fluid application system from Weitmann & Konrad GmbH & Co KG, (Weko) offers efficient solution concepts in this area.

Toilet paper without any fragrance or cosmetic tissue without skin care substances? Many consumers may choose the competitor’s product. However, the product should still be environmentally friendly, tear-resistant, soft and, of course, budget-priced.

The company from south Germany in close cooperation with manufacturers of additives such as lotions, balms with vitamins, perfumes or natural substances, has developed a precision system based on a proven technology: the non-contact fluid application system. This provides numerous benefits for the tissue industry: precision and reproducibility; sustainable production, less strain on the tissue, high flexibility and user-friendliness, high productivity and economy.

WEKO Rotorenträger mit Warenbahn auf-Tissue