Testing Instruments

Process Optimization and Quality Assurance


emtec Electronic GmbH in the Zellcheming Expo 2015 in Frankfurt/Main, Germany, the 110th Annual Meeting and Exhibition, showed a variety of testing instruments by which the complete production process can be controlled and guided in the right direction, to get an efficient process and the best possible quality with the lowest possible costs.

In the wet end it is extremely important to have detailed information about the charges of particles in the pulp suspension, which can be determined by the CAS Charge Analyzing System. Also important is the knowledge about the surface charge of the pulp fibers, which can be measured with the lab equipment FPA Fiber Potential Analyzer. Furthermore, emtec Electronic presents its Online measuring device FPO Fiber Potential Analyzer Online, which measures the Zeta Potential of fibers directly in the production process and allows an immediate optimization of chemical dosage.

The EST12 Surface & Sizing Tester delivers reliable predictions about the behavior of paper surfaces during glueing, printing and coating processes. With the innovative ACA Ash Content Analyzer it is possible to determine the total mineral filler content as well as the percentage content of the typical fillers of the paper within seconds. The TSA Tissue Softness Analyzer measures objectively the softness and calculates the handfeel of tissue products.