Establishment of Amg Packaging Morocco


Marrakesh was the venue of the official opening of AMG Packaging SARL, i.e. the new challenge of the family of Italian entrepreneurs Zago, which owns the holding company Pro-Gest, active in Europe in the sector of corrugated packaging. The new company is owned by the spouses Bruno Zago and Anna Maria Gasparini, who first got interested in Northern Africa in 2015 when the first contacts between the Italian consulate in Casablanca and local stakeholders were started to acquire more information on the specific needs of that market. Agriculture plays a crucial role in the economy of Morocco: it accounts for nearly 15 % of the national GDP and employs 46% of the active population. Typical agricultural and food productions include barley, wheat, citrus fruits, grapes, vegetables, olives, sheep meat, beef and veal, fish and wine. All companies working in the agrofood supply chain thus have clear and tangible opportunities, ranging from agricultural mechanisation to irrigation, from conservation to packaging. The demand for premium quality and performance packaging products compared to local productions is precisely the reason why Bruno Zago decided to set up a new company based in Marrakesh. The plant will be used for the deposit and assembly of packaging for the fruit and vegetable sector. The aim of the company is to integrate its production with a new dedicated corrugated packaging line in 12 months, with an estimated overall investment of 30 million Euros on an area of 30 thousand square metres, which can employ up to 50 employees. «The opening of AMG Packaging», says Bruno Zago «is for us a first production test bench outside the Italian borders. The guarantees we have on the soundness of the investment and the growth expectations for the North African market have convinced us that the time was right to make this step. The consolidated experience we have in the sector can provide support in terms of premium quality to the agro-food supply chain. We are confident that in less than a year we will be capable of producing for both the local market and for the whole Western Africa».