A passage to India

Fabriano Boutique opens a new store in Mumbai


At the very centre of one of the most important business centre in India, in Mumbai, near some prestigious international fashion and luxury brands, all Fabriano Boutique products will be available from today: these are products, which are entirely made in Italy and exported to the entire world, and combine artisanal tradition with the creativity of great designers. Made of materials ranging from paper to fabric, to leather, notebooks, pen cases, bags, organizers, notepads are created from the craft and expertise of highly qualified artisans who use the best materials available. Only FSC certified paper is used in full respect of the environment and the paper making tradition, which has been in place in Fabriano since 1264, together with natural fibres, like cotton, flax and hemp coming from controlled plantations. Mumbai is a major achievement in the process of international expansion of Fabriano Boutique. It adds to the European stores in Berlin, Geneva, London, Munich and Paris, while Fabriano Boutique products are on display for paper lovers in the most beautiful museum book stores and mega stores the world over.