Sustainable and pearlescent


From tropical seas to celestial bodies, Paper Experience of the Cordenons Group knows no boundaries: elegant and cheerful, Stardream 2.0 is the ideal paper for the production of packaging, shoppers, catalogues, covers, coatings, greeting cards and all those works requiring the use of a precious and impactful paper. In line with the concept characterizing Stardream 2.0, also the five new colours a journey into space: they enrich the already wide palette of pearlescent papers of the Cordenons Group with the pure white of the Eris ice, the white/light blue nuances of Pluto typical of this planet and the iridescent black/blue of Neptune. Also warm colours gravitate in the galaxy with the elegant bronze colour of Saturn and the precious gold of Venus. As a part of the Pearl&Dream product family, Stardream 2.0 comes in the coat weights 110 g/m2 (single-coated), 200 g/m2 and 340 g/m2 (both double-coated).

Thanks to the particularly shiny mica particles, this paper stands out from the range of pearlescent papers for its brightness, which is made dynamic thanks to its iridescent effect.