FSC Recycled paper facestock and the Sensorial Collection by Avery Dennison


FSC Recycled facestock comes from a unique blend of post-consumer waste and modern paper manufacturing processes. Manufactured without chlorine bleaching, the facestock has similar whiteness and brightness compared to its conventional alternatives, converts as quickly, and enables label converters to help customers meet sustainability targets while still delivering exceptional print results, and without adding costs following the pricing at parity.

The Avery Dennison Sensorial Collection, presented at Labelexpo Europe, gives designers a broad toolset to create soft, textured or patterned papers that can give a premium, vintage or artisanal feel. These diverse label surfaces can give consumers subtle messages about a bottle’s contents while contributing to an outstanding visual impact.

Clear Hotmelt Adhesive

A hotmelt adhesive without the yellowing, Avery Dennison’s new clear hotmelt adhesive offers a straightforward and competitive solution that allows for more design freedom in the chilled food section. It also delivers a lower total applied cost as it does not require a barrier-film facestock.