Skills & Qualifications in the Pulp & Paper Sector


Today and tomorrow skill needs of the European Industry require updating the education and training offer.

The European Social Partners in the Pulp and Paper Sector, Cepi and industriAll Europe, have presented a set of policy recommendations that should contribute to a more comprehensive skills strategy in Europe.

These recommendations are the result of an extensive research project carried out over the last two years. The project was triggered by the observation of profound changes in the industry. Social partners’ agenda was therefore to ensure that the European Paper sector has an adequately skilled workforce.

That is why the European Social Partners call on policy makers to:

  • Promote workforce adaptability and versatility
  • Focus on upskilling and life-long learning
  • Facilitate workers’ mobility
  • Anticipate future skills needs
  • Create conditions for high-quality mentorship
  • Raise awareness and attractiveness of the sector
  • Provide a one-stop-shop for a coherent European Skills Strategy

Sylvain Lhôte, Director General of Cepi added: «Future skills and jobs lie at the heart of industry transformation and the bioeconomy transition in Europe. Our industry has a strong innovation and investment agenda ahead to make transformation to happen here in Europe. We need to equip our workforces with the skills to accompany this transformation.»