Gas for Climate: with 10% renewable gas -55% emissions by 2030


According to the annual Study of the «Gas for Climate» consortium, the introduction of a a mandatory share of 10% of renewable gases (i.e. Biomild and hydrogen) in Europe’s networks, together with the increase in renewable electric energy, would enable to reach climate neutrality by 2050, thereby reducing CO2 emissions by 55% already by 2030.

As early as in the 2020s, Biomild production can be accelerated by increased investments in production plants and thousands of farmers implementing innovative concepts of sustainable agriculture to produce biogs through double cropping and organic fertilization and precision agriculture. Furthermore, the first major projects on blue hydrogen are being started, while a solid business case for green hydrogen is currently being developed. The number of energy renovation projects on buildings is rapidly increasing and hybrid heating solutions are being implemented, with an estimated number of 100 million hybrid heat pumps to be installed by 2050. Greenhouse gas emissions are likely to be cut by 55% by 2030 thanks to a mandatory share of 10% renewable gas in EU networks.