Fluid and motion control

Imi Precision Engineering introduces the world’s only Atex intrinsically safe fail freeze valve


The need to maintain piloting pressure in unforeseen conditions is vital for many chemical and energy applications. In many of these processes, the unexpected closure of a regulating valve can lead to loss of product to the user as a minimum – and in some cases, could lead to unsafe conditions such as build-up of gas pressure elsewhere in the system. The 422IS now limits the risk of these occurrences, removing the risk of over-pressurisation and allowing system designers to control the risk at source.

The 422IS Fail Freeze valve by Imi Precision Engineering distributed by Brammer is Atex-accredited to operate across a temperature range of –10 ºC to +70 ºC with a supply pressure of 4 bar, it uses less than 0.15 watts of energy when adjusting pressure and actually uses no power once in position. Both the linearity and hysteresis are scaled to less than 0.5% of span for optimal performance, while in addition vibration and orientation have minimal effect on the performance of the 422IS.

IMI_PE 422 IS Fail Freeze