Solenis gains strength in Russia


Solenis is meeting the strong demand of its Russian customers with an investment of about 5 million dollars in its production plant in Perm’. The investment will double the productive capacity of its polyacrylamide powders used in a large range of industrial sectors, including the paper industry. Two additional production lines can furthermore be created to manage the increase in the sales of its antifoam products in the cellulose and paper sector. This will reinforce Solenis’ position on the market and will enable the company to continue meeting the increasing needs of its customers in Russia. As Solenis President and CEO explains, «besides creating jobs, this business expansion strengthens our commitment in offering locally produced items built with higher technical skills. This investment is furthermore a milestone for Solenis’ strategic orientation towards an increased growth in emerging markets, thereby creating new opportunities for continuous development in Russia». «We are currently working to develop a sufficient production capacity to serve our clients», highlights Ralf Thiel, who is supply chain and Emea operations manager at Solenis. «We are extremely satisfied of the success of the Perm facility and look forward to using our enlarged plant in Russia to provide the products, technology and services capable to meet market needs». The enlargement should be finalized by the end of March.