Liquor analyzers

Increased production capacity and reduced production costs


Valmet will deliver the 100th latest generation Valmet Recovery Liquor Analyzer. Throughout the years, Valmet has supplied over 300 liquor analyzers to pulp mills.

The measurement will be used in the Valmet Causticizing Optimizer to increase cooking liquor strength which increases production efficiency and reduces operational costs throughout the plant’s pulping process. Valmet Recovery Liquor Analyzer measures green and white liquor chemistry according to laboratory standard. In addition to causticizing measurements and basis for optimization solutions, the analyzer provides tools to improve recovery boiler reduction performance with an online reduction degree measurement.

Based on the accurate measurements of the analyzer, Valmet Causticizing Optimizer maximizes green and white liquor concentrations, while eliminating scaling in the green liquor system and overliming in the causticizing process. Optimization leads to a high and stable quality of the white liquor, a higher production capacity, as well as reduced production costs at the causticizing plant and entire pulp mill.