Investments worth 12.6 million Euros in logistics for Sappi Europe


As part of a new market consolidation strategy in the old continent, Sappi Europe has given the greenlight to the building of a new multifunctional logistic facility for paper storage on a 20,000 sq.m large area near Wesel, in Germany. Railway links will connect several stock units, in particular for German and Benelux customers. Furthermore, the logistic services linked to this additional deposit will be made available to other customers thanks to the operational support provided by the long-standing partner. The investment for this massive facility and its services is worth 12.6 million Euros and is expected to support Sappi Europe’s strategic focus on the optimization of logistic networks and cost reductions. The group has namely spent considerable energy in the analysis of both outbound and inbound logistics, working with its procurement and logistics team to identify possible synergies and make the most out of existing networks. The plant will be fully operational by the end of 2016.