Leather? No, paper


It’s thanks to high-quality workmanship that Coco, Saffiano, Iguana, Alligatore, and the other papers in Icma Sartorial Paper’s Animalier collection may fool the observer at first glance.

Inspired by the animal kingdom to replicate the variety and beauty of hides, the collection is being reintroduced to customers with a new sample book and with all the sophistication of these two-tone papers that highlight the products’ three-dimensional textures and bring out their patterns.

The Color collection is also being relaunched with a new sample book comprising an extensive color choice combined with classic and timeless patterns selected by luxury companies to create their brand identities. The palettes are now sorted by color groups rather than textures.

The two collections have now seized some of the distinctive aspects of Icma’s new eco-friendly products: the Animalier papers, on request for the time being, and the restocked Color papers will be manufactured using 100% recycled bases, FSC Recycled Credit, and produced without chlorine or optical bleachings. Their production process is integrated, thus saving water and energy, and reducing CO2 emissions.