Corrugated board

Major work for Progroup


Last August Progroup  began the construction of the new greenfield paper mill in Sandersdorf-Brehna in Germany, with a machine producing 750 thousand tons of corrugated cardboard a year. This will bring the company’s total capacity to 1.85 million tons a year. The project should be completed in the second half of 2020. The new machine will produce corrugated cardboard and testliner in weights from 80 to 150 grams. The amount of the investment for the project is around 375 million euros. The installation should guarantee 140 direct jobs and up to 350 jobs in related industries.

Meanwhile, Prowell, a company belonging to Progroup, with its headquarters in Landau, is expanding with another factory for corrugated cardboard panels in Germany. It is the eleventh factory for corrugated cardboard panels under construction in Eisfeld, in Turingia, and will stand on a plot of land covering about 87 thousand square metres. Production will start in the fourth quarter of 2019. The plant will be equipped with the same technical innovations that will already have been implemented from November 2018 in the new mega plant of corrugated panels in Ellesmere Port, in Great Britain.

The objective is to meet the continuous growth in the market and customers’ requirements for trusted deliveries and quality products: thanks to this new site which can produce 140 thousand tons of corrugated cardboard a year, the total capacity of Progroup will increase to 1.5 million tons. The total level of investment for the project is around 50 million euros. Operating on a four-shift basis, the plant will create a total of 52 new jobs and three apprenticeships. It was only at the start of August that Progroup opened up the land to announce the start of the project for another factory for the manufacture of paper, with an overall investment of 375 million euros. The eleven plants for corrugated cardboard which, in future, will exist in Germany, France, the Czech Republic, Poland, Great Britain and Italy, will make 85% of the cardboard in the company’s factories.