Measuring of consistency


    For many years measurement of consistency has been one of the strengths of Valcom manufacturing for the paper industry: it is a critical measure which impacts considerably on the final quality of the product and requires, therefore, high precision in order to reach the level of quality required in modern manufacturing plants.

    Valcom’s T7C series includes electronic transmitters of the consistency of the paper pulp with output 4 ÷ 20 mA and HART digital communication protocol. Its operating principle consists in detecting the cutting force generated by the interaction between the blade sensor and the fibre contained in the paper pulp: this force is obtained and temperature compensated by the Valcom series T7C instrument displaying the consistency value of the paper pulp.

    Work operations

    1. Installation of the instrument on the work.

    2. Start-up of the plant (the pulp is brought to the desired consistency).

    3. Sampling of the pulp (a freeze operation is carried out to memorise the value of the output signal at the moment when the sample was taken on the Valcom series T7C instrument.

    4. Analysis of the pulp sample by the laboratory (the consistency value of the mix is determined);

    5. Insertion of the consistency value (from that point on, the direct value of the consistency will be read and re-transmitted).