New production and office areas for Voith


The German company Voith is expanding its base in Laakirchen, in Austria. In order to improve manufacturing efficiency, the company is extending the production area by about 3,150 square metres. In addition, new offices and a logistical warehouse have been added, with a new access road for heavy goods vehicles.

A large part of the global production of paper is carried out using Voith machinery and equipment. The technological group, with its headquarters in Heidenheim, in Germany, supplies rolls for continuous machines throughout the world, from its factory in Laakirchen, in Austria. In addition to manufacturing new rolls, the Laakirchen factory also receives rolls for periodic maintenance, for example to renew the roll covering. The various types of rolls have different functions: they help to guide the strips of paper uniformly through the machine and are used for drying, pressing and drying. They also ensure that the paper is uniformly smooth and glossy. Furthermore, the rolls, which can be up to 15 metres long and weigh up to 120 tonnes, must deal with speeds of up to 120 kilometres per hour.

The aim of the expansion is to be able to assemble the rolls with the minimum effort and short waiting times, thereby significantly speeding up the whole process. After the expansion, this will be possible thanks to a systematic timing of cycles, a clear separation of production lines and a realigned operation. «With this global investment in Laakirchen we are emphasising our role as a leader of the European paper industry regarding rolls, roll coverings and associated services», states Manfred Jaspersen, operations manager of Voith Paper Rolls. Thanks to its central position, Laakirchen is the ideal location for facilitating short journeys to clients.