Made in Italy

A new series of approach flow centrifugal screen type by ST Macchine


ST macchine SPC 20 fori0004

The need of having a final product always better in quality has pushed ST Macchine to develop a new series of screen ahead the headboxes with slots or holes, called SPC.

The new design of the centrifugal screen type permits to work with an inlet consistency from 0,3% to 1,5% and a rejects ratio between 5% & 10% getting excellent cleaning results with no pulsations and a very easy runnability with all type of stock and virgin pulps.

The main characteristics of these screens are the rotors with a special profile that give very low pressure on the internal surface of the basket (so increasing their life) guaranteeing at the same time an high cleaning efficiency .

SPC Screen, a really simple machine, is manufactured with parts in contact with the stock in SS 316 and with rotors and internal parts mirror polished. Very important is to install SPC screen it in the paper process with proper instrumentation for its control.

So far, in few months, ST Macchine has already sold in Italy and abroad 12 screens: among them there are some having very difficult applications as working on cotton linters; so far, all the screen have been started up with extreme satisfaction of all the customers.

Size Max production [T/D] Power


SPC 04 35 22
SPC 08 80 30
SPC 20 180 45
SPC 30 250 55
SPC 40 300 75