Lucart Avigliano: 1,000 days with no Accident


Over the last two and a half years, no work accidents have occurred at the Lucart plant in Avigliano, near Potenza. The plant has a continuous airlaid paper productionline as well as a processing department for airlaid and tissue paper. This record has been obtained thanks to on going dialogue between senior management and employees to spread a culture of safety in order to remove risky conditions and reach increasingly higher levels of safety. The company’s prevention policy characterised by on going staff training, structured reporting of potential hazards, plant and machinery compliance as well as management’s and employees’ commitment has meant that the Avigliano plant has been able to achieve a new medium-term record and exceed the previous one (636 days without accidents).

«We are proud to celebrate a new record for our Group as well as a historic objective» states Massimo Pasquini, CEO of the Lucart Group. «Without adequate health and safety procedures, we would have never been able to achieve all the other objectives that have made us what we are today. For this reasons, solutions adopted in Avigliano have become the standards to adopt for all the Group’s production sites in Italy. I hope to be able to celebrate a new such record very soon». Like all other Italian factories of the Group, the Avigliano plant has been certified with Ohsas 18001 for its safety management system in the workplace.