Norske Skog issues bonds for 125 million euro


Norske Skog Norwegian paper manufacturer for newspapers and magazines, with seven mills in Europe and in Australia, has successfully completed the issue of senior bonds for 125 million euro, expiring in June 2022.

«We have reintroduced Norske Skog on the capital markets through by issuing these bonds» says Sven Ombudstvedt, President of the Board of Directors and CEO at Norske Skog.«We were pleased to see so much interest among investors.  Now we will be able to implement our long-term strategy with great strength and speed, continuing to improve our core business, converting substantial parts of our paper-making machines and diversifying our range into the markets of bio-energy, fibres and biochemistry».

These bonds will have a three-month Euribor + 6% coupon, and will be listed on the Oslo stock exchange.