Maintenance documentation

One rugged, portable device


Futura‘s training and support division, ProCare, has changed the use and management of maintenance documentation for ever with its easy-to-use new ProTablet. Instead of shelves creaking under the weight of dusty manuals, ProCare offers access to continuously updated documentation for all Futura tissue converting equipment in one rugged, portable device.

Customers can access exploded views and detailed procedural videos with ease. Simply by scanning a barcode on the relevant component with ProTablet’s built in reader, the user can call up all documentation and other resources relevant to the task at hand. It not only simplifies some vital tasks, but helps operators use their time more effectively.

With full PC functionality, ProTablet can be docked and integrated with the Customer’s own IT system, or linked to a projector for professional training. ProTablet can also be used to send spare parts requests direct to ProCare or an internal purchasing office.

Futura’s ProTablet shown docked.