Made in Italy

Paper bags, the new way of conceiving bags


Amate, which is an entirely Made In Italy brand in all of its production stages, draws its inspiration from a map of Pre-Columbian era called amate or amati. This was obtained from boiling the fibres of the ficus plant, which are then crushed to produce a thin brown layer. Amate was used to write and draw, as well as to produce decorations and sacred  garments. The ouroboros snake that eats its own tail is an ancient symbol of rebirth and cyclicality and perfectly symbolizes the concept underlying the brand, i.e. providing a valid and green alternative to leather, thereby keeping a minimalist, coloured and natural style.

This is an innovative, natural and environmentally friendly fabric, as it uses R_Paper, which is obtained from recycled paper processed with totally natural resins. The fabric was created from a simple and classical material, i.e. paper, and yet it is highly resistant, easy to wash ecological and functional and pays the utmost attention to nature surrounding us.

All inserts of our bags are in natural organic cotton. Amate’s challenge was to produce a beautiful, fashionable and environmentally friendly product, thereby proving that one can be trendy and fashionable and respect the environment at the same time.

Each Paper Bag gets its name from the raw material, with which it was produced, i.e. paper. Each model has the name of the tree from which it was made in the past and is still made today. The collection is made up of 8 different models, ranging from tote bags, rucksacks, shoulder bags and pochettes. The bags feature a definitely urban and streetwear style, which is particularly suitable for increasingly demanding target customers, wishing to buy trendy fashionable products that can respect the environment at the same time. Models come in 8 colours, ranging from more natural nuances based on earth colours to more lively ones for those wishing to be more original.