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A pressurized refining system for S. Kijchai Enterprise PCL (SKN)


Customer: S. Kijchai Enterprise PCL (SKN), Huay-Yang, Rayong

Production: medium-density fiberboard (MDF board)

Supplier: Andritz

Start-up: June 2018

Characteristics: the order is to supply another pressurized refining system. The pressurized refining system has a capacity of 30 bdmt/h and will process 80-100% rubberwood and 0-20% fruitwood as raw material.

Details: in addition to successful operation of the first line delivered by Andritz in April 2012, key factors in the decision-making process also included the exceptional, internationally tried and tested technology and processes that Andritz offers worldwide for the panelboard industry. Predominant features of the Andritz pressurized refining systems are highly efficient pre-steaming, excellent dewatering in the plug-screw feeder, and low electricity and thermal energy consumption by the overall system. This is the 13th line to be supplied by the supplier to Thailand, five of which were delivered within the past two years alone.