New capabilities to increase sheet strength and quality while reducing operating costs


Solenis is launching FusionSM Strength and Performance Technology that merges a proven dual-component dry strength solution with exclusive cluster analysis software and Solenis’ OnGuard™ monitoring and control tool. The company combined these elements into a single solution that can be customized to each mill’s production requirements and business goals. As a result, mill operators can get improved insights from their manufacturing data and implement tighter process control.

The Solenis dual-component dry strength solution overcomes the deficits of single-component systems. This novel cationic-anionic approach extends the performance of traditional strength additives and allows papermakers to achieve their high strength needs. Conversely, for wet ends, which run with high cationic demand, combinations of cationic resins can also extend strength gains beyond the limits of single-component solutions. For mill operators, FusionSM Strength and Performance Technology is designed to deliver increased strength and production with lower costs, reduced weights, less reliance on virgin fiber, increased use of lower-cost recycled fibers, reduced freshwater usage and reduced process variation.