Stock preparation: more efficiency for modern paper manufacturing from Voith


In the BlueLine stock preparation product portfolio, the InfiltraDiscfilter with new HiCon 2.0 technology from Voith satisfies two of the key customer requirements for modern paper manufacturing, enabling efficient and resource-conserving production, an increase in fiber yield and water consumption may be reduced. The improved efficiency in the stock preparation offers a potential capacity increase of up to 20 percent at the disc filter and savings in pump energy of maximum 50 percent.

Conventional disc filters not only necessitate a high level of monitoring and maintenance; especially in the event of process fluctuations they can cause malfunctions that result in costly machine downtimes. These kinds of problems are triggered above all by uncontrolled highs in stock consistency in the disc filter. If such highs go undetected this often results in a thickening in the vat, especially in high freeness ranges. In these circumstances the disc filter clothing is exposed to high mechanical stresses and can readily become damaged. In the worst-case scenario the entire filter is damaged. To prevent such difficulties, the stock flow is diluted upstream of the disc filter, which is associated with a considerable increase in pump energy and loss of drainage capacity.