Circular Economy

Partnership between Cascades and Tricentris


Cascades and Tricentris have announced a major three-year partnership: the Canadian non-profit making organization waste management Tricentris will supply Cascades with all the cardboard recovered in its three selection plants (in Lachute, Terrebonne and Gatineau). This alliance between the two Quebec-based companies active in cardboard recovery and recycling is particularly important, if one considers the significant positive effects on the environment and the local economy. Over the next three years, 75 000 tons of cardboard obtained with Tricentris selective collection will thus be transferred to Cascades. This material will be used for the production of items obtained from recycled fibres. The materials will then be entirely used, ordered and processed in Quebec. As explained by Tricentris General Director Frédéric Potvin, «besides being perfect from an environmental viewpoint, this business worth over 10 million dollars will contribute to foster the local economy. With the two business activities in Lachute, only 11 kilometres from each other, this partnership also contributes to minimize the ecological footprint associated with the transport of materials. This additional benefit is perfectly in line with the values and vision of both Cascades and Tricentris». In the words of Luc Langevin, i.e. the President and Chief Operating Officer of Cascades Specialty Products Group, «Cascades and Tricentris are supporting the circular economy and proving that economic growth and the preservation of our natural resources can go hand in hand».