Quick and precise paper handling


Hyster provides for a wide range of useful solutions to meet the needs of the paper industry; these include the H12XM-6 forklift, designed for intensive service cycles in extreme working conditions.

Limiting damages is a fundamental factor for the paper industry, especially when paper rolls are handled in storage or production areas, or on ships or piers. Hyster is well aware of this. The company, which deals with forklifts, has come out with ad-hoc solutions for the paper industry, which have been conceived to face the challenges posed by the use of space, productivity, working costs, environmental impact and availability time in various fields of activity.

«The requirements linked to the handling of materials in the paper industry vary, that is why we have adopted a tailor-made approach for any application», says David Reeve, Industry Manager, counterbalance solutions at Hyster. «It is fundamental to pay extreme attention to details when ordering forklifts and equipment. For example, the paper on the rolls can be of various types: tissue paper, paperboard, cardboard, printing paper for dailies or quality paper for coated magazines, with differences in diameter and width and heights ranging from 500 mm to 4.5 m and weights comprised between 0.5 and 6.5 tons; furthermore, papers can be difficult to handle, easy to damage and of very high value».

Paper equipment include 180/360˚ rotators, fork clamps, arms for clamps with rotating forks, double pallet handlers, load stabilizers, buckets with mobile base, tilters for clamps for paper rolls (tilting the paper roll forward by 90°), clamp extensions, clamps for paper rolls with large contact wide opening plates, quick-disconnect connections and handlers for more rolls combined with equipment supports. «Hyster collaborates with major manufacturers of clamps for paper rolls and provides for a wide range of various clamps suitable for any application», says Reeve.

Handling more paper rolls is decisive in several paper handling operations, e.g. when these have to be quickly unloaded from ships and transported to the sorting area, to then be handled by smaller forklifts inside the warehouse.

The Hyster H12XM-6 forklift has been designed for intensive service cycles in extreme working conditions, e.g. those occurring on the external docks of ports and for operations carried out 24/7. This forklift is suitable for a wide range of front equipment, including 180/360˚ rotators, as well as clamps with single and double arm. According to Reeve, the forklift provides for a lifting speed among the best in class, with average speed values between 0.28 m/s and 0.51 m/s with no capacity load up to 6,200 mm included. The load detection hydraulic system provides for automatic oil feed, when needed. Horizontal roll handlers, which are normally used for the transportation of paper rolls from the warehouse to the production department horizontally, have a capacity ranging between 1.5 and 8 tonnes. These machines came in twofold version, with the operator standing next to the forklift or on-board operator.

A H12XM-6 forklift with a 7-meter lifting height and 12 tonne maximum capacity, with clamps made by Bolzoni Auramo, was used in Weeze, Germany, during the Hyster Europe Big Solutions Showcase 2017, to show the speed and precision in the handling of paper rolls. The H12XM-6 model is part of a range of forklifts with a lifting height of 7 metres, which includes machines with capacity ranging from a minimum of 8 tonnes to a maximum of 16 tonnes.