Paper Mills

Santa Giustina: structural changes to the P.M.


The Santa Giustina plant belonging to the Reno De Medici Group, which is based near Belluno in the Veneto region, produces cardboard, specifically GD- Vincicoat(112); GT–Vincibright(113); Vinciwhite(117) and Vinci Avana(962), with coat weights ranging from 230 to 550 g/m2. All types of cardboard are produced with mixed layers, three Fourdrinier flat units and six forming spools: this means that the cardboard is composed of nine fibrous layers and two coating coats on the liner.

Francesco Canal, head of Santa Giustina mill.
Francesco Canal, head of Santa Giustina mill.

The plant has two paper reeling machines, five output knives cutting the cardboard in reels or sheets based on customers’ needs and is ISO 9001, ISO 14001, EN 15503 (hygiene norms), EPD (environmental norms), Ohsas, Reach and FSC certified. To meet customers’ needs in terms of machinability and printability the paper machine has been recently modified: the forming spool have been removed and replaced with a new wire section. This means that all paper varieties are now composed of four layers with wire formation. A new-generation calender is furthermore expected to be installed (specifically, PrimeCal Y, produced by Andritz) before the coating station. «We shall be the first ones to adopt this technology», said plant manager Francesco Canal, who has also described its advantages: «First of all, we shall have a more stable production, a more homogeneous profile, and there will be a new relation between the fibre side/transversal side in terms of rigidity. The process of formation of paper sheets will be better and thanks to the calender we shall ultimately obtain improved smoothness and sheen. This will enable us to guarantee improved printability and machinability both on printing machines and on packing lines. This investment will certainly add value to already existing products, which are known on the market for their stability and regularity».