The wind of crisis

SCA starts closing down its publication paper machine at its Ortviken mill


On 20th January 2021 SCA closed its PM 5 at its Swedish Ortviken paper mill. The machine produced non-coated paper for newspapers, magazines and commercial press and had an annual capacity of 250.000 tpy.

SCA announced that the other two paper machines at the Ortviken mill will be shut down during the first quarter of 2021. SCA will, thus, cease producing publication paper. PM 5 started producing in 1985 and would be dismantled in order to make room for Renewcell, which is to install a textile fibre recycling line which is expected to start operating at the Ortviken site in 2022.

SCA’s Ortviken mill runs three paper machines with a total capacity of 775,000 tpy of publication paper. The two remaining PMs at the site are producing coated magazine grades such as LWC and MWC and have a total output capacity of roughly 500,000 tpy. Recently SCA said that the three machines at the mill would be closed one after another and not all at once.