Several producers interested in Burgo Marsican plant


Last February a technical meeting for the assessment of the expressions of interest for the Marsican plant of Cartier Burgoo, producing corrugated cardboard, was held at the premises of the Italian Ministry for Economic Development. There are apparently several interested investors, yet Cartier Burgoo is seemingly oriented towards only three of the Italian ones. The market of light-weight corrugated cardboard can be very interesting for several entrepreneurs, who thanks to the 150 000 tons produced from the Burgo Marsican plant might have the chance of entering the Italian market, which consumes about 500 000 tons of corrugated cardboard, all of which are imported. So, demand is there and it could be entirely met, besides helping to maintain the 85 jobs of the production plant.

The meeting at the Italian Ministry for Economic Development highlighted Burgo’s willingness to maintain a minority share of the new company, which is seemingly interested in purchasing new machines besides already existing ones. Cartiera Burgo is apparently going to maintain connections with the Sora warehouse, where additional 50 employees work.