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Sofidel is to start up two new Valmet advantage NTT 200 machines



Within Q3 2018 Sofidel America – Sofidel’s US subsidiary – will be starting up two new Valmet Advantage NTT 200 tissue technology machines in the plant currently under construction in Circleville (Ohio).

The Advantage NTT 200 machine produced by Valmet is designed to manufacture both conventional tissue as well as textured paper. The technology will enable Sofidel to increase its production capacity significantly, further to enhance the quality of its product offering and also to improve its energy efficiency further still.

With a 5.5 m size, a speed of 2,000 m/min and a production capacity of 70,000 tons per annum each, the two machines will be operational at two different points in time. The first by Q1 2018. The second within Q3 of the same year.