Curtain coater

Stable process and product quality


The new easy-to-use coater from Voith achieves excellent color application without an additional enclosure. As a result, the DynaLayer from Voith improves the cost efficiency of paper production and offers an efficient alternative to conventional coaters.

The new curtain coater achieves a particularly uniform coverage of the web with just one layer. In addition, unlike previous curtain coaters, DynaLayer can be operated without an enclosure, which not only improves access for the operator but also results in much lower costs for operation and maintenance.

A nozzle insulation cover specially developed by Voith and featuring air purging on both sides prevents condensation on the nozzle lips which could impair the quality of the coating application. In addition, Voith has introduced the concept of air shielding, where a transparent air barrier shields the sensitive curtain against disruptive outside influences and therefore makes an additional enclosure unnecessary. Moreover, the operator can reach through the air shield at any time without causing turbulence or impairing coating quality.

At the same time, the latest generation of curtain coaters allows even more uniform CD and MD profiles to be achieved. This has a positive effect on the printability of the paper and produces a more homogeneous printed image. The number of costly web breaks is also reduced when using DynaLayer thanks to the non-contacting application of the coating.