Successful start-up


International technology Group Andritz successfully started up stock preparation equipment supplied to Umka, Serbia, for the upgrade of Line 5 which produces several WLC (White-Lined Chipboard) grades. Thanks to the new Andritz FibreWash wash drum and efficient tail screening, considerable fiber savings have been achieved. The RejectCompactor dewatering the rejects also achieves an excellent dry content of 80%.

Stock preparation for Line 5 processes mixed papers and board with a daily capacity of 320 tonnes. «The quality of the technologies supplied by Andritz is outstanding and cooperation with the team was excellent, so we are very satisfied with this project», says Staniša Lukić, Technical Director of Umka. Following several rebuilds over the past few years, the Umka mill now has an annual capacity of 125,000 tonnes. The company plans to increase capacity to 170,000 tonnes by the end of 2015. The board produced on the 3.2 meter wide machine is mainly used as packaging for food, confectionery, pharmaceuticals, and other special products. The board is also laminated for use as transport packaging.

Andritz tail screen (Photo: Andritz).