Disc filter sectors

The basis for efficient and resource-conserving dewatering for 20 years


Twenty years ago, Voith launched its first disc filter sectors that operated entirely without filter bags and substantially improved machine availability. Low maintenance requirement, long service lives and a consistently excellent filtrate quality have made the products of the BaglessPlus family a market leader. To mark this anniversary, Voith is once again setting the benchmark for filter segments with its new development FloWing. Existing machines can be adapted to the BaglessPlus family, including the new generation product FloWing.

When it tested the first prototypes of the BaglessPlus disc filter sectors in 1998, Voith revolutionized the dewatering process in the stock preparation unit. Since then, the Heidenheim technology group has installed more than 6,500 filter discs, consisting of more than 130,000 BaglessPlus sectors, and is the undisputed market leader in this area. Worldwide, disc filters with BaglessPlus sectors have paved the way for efficient and resource-conserving dewatering.

Prior to the launch of BaglessPlus, filter discs were regarded as wear parts that paper manufacturers had to replace after around two to four years in operation. For filter discs from the BaglessPlus family, on the other hand, service lives of more than 15 years are usual. Overall, about 93.5 percent of all first generation filter discs installed are still in operation today. In the first ten years after their introduction, there was not a single failure due to wear. At Leipa, where BaglessPlus filter discs have been used since 2004, Voith only had to replace a few of the total 67 discs installed so far. The first BaglessPlus sectors, which Voith installed in 1998, are also still being used today. These long service lives allow manufacturers to significantly reduce the operating costs of their machine.