It’s Tissue presents its new BoD and the dates for 2018


Tissue Italia has presented its Board of Directors for the It’s Tissue 2018 event, which is scheduled from 25th to 29th June. Sergio Casella (in the picture) will serve as BoD president, supported by four vice-presidents: Mauro Celli, Marco Dell’Osso, Massimo Franzaroli and Rudy Michelini. The new operational team also includes the project manager Maddalena Marcone, the secretary-general Walter Tamarri and the administrative manager Stefano Bortoletto. All twelve participating companies will be represented in workgroups in order to cover all the aspects related to the promotion and management of the event. It’s Tissue is bound to repeat the success of the previous two events, with the 2015 edition registering over thousand thousand visitors from all over the world and a 42% increase compared to the 2013 first edition.

The Tissue Italia network is composed by the following twelve companies: A Celli, Elettric 80, Fabio Perini, Futura, Gambini, MTC, Omet, PCMC, Pulsar, Recard, TMC and Toscotec. Some of the companies are competitors, while others offer complementary solutions.