Valmet’s new delivery for a customer chinese includes a complete containerboard making line with broke collection


Customer: A customer in China

Location: Zhejiang province, China

Production: containerboard

Supplier: Valmet

Start-up: the start-up is scheduled for the end of year 2019

Designed Speed: 1,400 m/min.

Description: The customer’s goal for the project is to increase its capacity and market share. The 7,250-mm-wide (wire) board machine will produce recycled fluting grades with the basis weight range of 60-40 g/m2.

Details: Valmet’s delivery includes a complete containerboard making line with broke collection, approach flow system, an OptiFlo Foudrinier headbox, an OptiFormer Hybrid forming section with shoe and blade technology, an OptiPress Center press section, an OptiRun dryer section, OptiAir Hood high humidity hood, an OptiSizer Spray sizer with related supply system and surface size preparation system, ventilation equipment for board machine, and an OptiReel Pope reel. The delivery includes also Valmet IQ quality measurement system (QMS).