Carer to supply all plants in Smurfit Kappa


After first experiments in Germany and Netherlands, Smurfit Kappa has confirmed that Carer‘s electric forklifts trucks are the optimal solution for the paper rolls handling.

First collaborations, started in the 2004 in the company plants of Eindhoven and Etten Leur, had the main intent of replace ICE forklift trucks with electric ones, which is now a well established and highly appreciated reality. And the success of these first experiments has reached its completion when the responsible team for the management of forklifts contracts has authorized Carer to supply all company plants.

The reason for this choice is due to great advantages associated with the use of Carer electric trucks:

  • considerable reduction of ownership costs,
  • total absence of harmful emissions for the employees and the environment,
  • reduction of pollution of handled material,
  • reduction of risk of accidental fires,
  • maintenance of the same capacity of ICE forklift trucks.