Reverse Osmosis Plants: Savings and Ease of Use


Osmoplanet offers reverse osmosis equipment to demineralise water used for boilers and steam generators. Water softening alone, as requested by the technical specifications of boiler manufacturers below 15 pressure bars, entails high quantities of drainage waters due to the build up of sodium salts. By using demineralised water, however, drainage from boilers and steam generators is practically nil. This means substantial savings, particularly when taking into account the fact that the quantity of drainage water is usually around 15-20% of the feed water and that the cost is around €0,02 for each litre of drainage water. As well as equipment with a capacity of 60 litre/hour at 25 m³/h and a new type of membranes producing demineralised water at 5 mg/litre at a pressure below 10 bars, Osmoplanet’s offer also includes reverse osmosis desalinators for brackish and sea water and machines for ultra-filtration with ceramics or polymer membranes.