Efficiency and energy reduction by Aikawa Fiber Technologies


Screening is an important process in any pulp or paper mill. Aikawa Fiber Technologies (AFT) introduced a new screening rotor – a critical component inside every pressure screen – that increases capacity, improves stability, and offers up to 30% in energy savings, compared with even AFT’s existing award-winning rotor designs.

This new GHC2 rotor builds upon the success of the over 1800 GHC rotors already in operation by replacing the standard rotor elements with a new, patent-pending PowerWave design. PowerWave has a unique waveform surface on its leading edge which accelerates the pulp suspension. This strengthens the suction pulse and creates «micro-vortices» which keep the screen cylinder’s apertures clean to improve throughput and runnability.

Aikawa Test Facility.
Aikawa Test Facility.