Business Strategy

Heinzel Group invests over 100 million euros in Laakirchen


The supervisory boards of the Austrian companies Laakirchen Papier and Heinzel Holding approved the investment plan for the expansion of the laminate company from Laakirchen, Austria, worth over 100 million euros.

Heilzel Holding CEO Kurt Maier explains that «with these investments the Laakirchen plant with its two paper machines will be turned into one of the most competitive and environmentally-friendly paper mills in Europe. A fundamental pre-requisite for the implementation of this project lies in a substantial efficiency programme supported by all employees».

The investment programme comprises two elements. First of all, PM10 must be converted to produce lightweight corrugated cardboard using waste paper as a fibre basis. At the same time, there will be a significant expansion of the production capacity of PM11, which is used for the manufacturing of magazines, catalogues and commercial prints. Laarkirchen Papier managing director Mark Lunabba states that «the company will be able to produce about 800 thousand tons paper, which means that the long-term future of the site is guaranteed».