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Listing on the Italian stock exchange Piazza Affari lead to a growth in external lines


After the postponed forced by the turmoil on financial markets, the time has finally come for the Fedrigoni paper group led by managing director Claudio Alfonsi to consider again its listing on Piazza Affari, i.e. the Italian stock exchange. The group is expected to be listed on the Milan stock exchange next October, while proceedings with banks and law firms should start next June.

Meanwhile, the group is about to close the 2014 financial year with total revenues slightly below 900 million Euro. This is a good result in terms of turnover, yet it is not likely to be the one with which the company will be listed on the stock exchange. Two major acquisitions are currently being considered. If they are finalized next spring, they are expected to push the overall volume of sales of the company over one billion Euro. The acquisitions concern two medium-sized enterprises, one based in Scandinavia and the other one overseas, which would enable the Fedrigoni Group to be constantly present on the most profitable markets. Banks have already guaranteed their support to international shopping by making the necessary liquidity available. If operations are finalized, Fedrigoni will enter financial markets by offering 35% of its assets as planned last autumn, yet this 35% will refer to an undoubtedly capital.

The listing on the stock exchange, which is planned for next October, will thus be carried out following the plan previously submitted to share underwriters. The offer will consist of 32.73 million ordinary shares, 19.23 million of which will be sold by San Colombano (i.e. the Fedrigoni family holding company) and 13.49 million will be newly issued shares. With the possible green-shoe option facility (i.e. additional 4.9 million shares made available by the shareholder), the floating stock would be over 40%.