Metso to upgrade Délipapier’s automation to boost availability and tissue production performance


Metso has received an order from the Sofidel Group to upgrade the automation of Tissue Machine 1 and water treatment at its Délipapier plant in Frouard, France. The delivery will include an upgrade to the state-of-the-art Metso DNA control system, an upgrade to the Metso IQ quality control system, including a non-nuclear Metso IQ Fiber Weight Measurement, and related comprehensive product training.

According to François Lecomte, Délipapier Paper Mill Director: «This significant upgrade will enhance productivity, allowing Délipapier to bring better quality to its customers, especially for the flagship brands of Sopalin and Le Trèfle in France along with Lotus and Moltonel in Benelux.» Moreover, the improved process control will strengthen Sofidel’s commitment to protect the environment. Sofidel is the only Italian company and the first worldwide in the tissue sector (paper for hygienic and domestic use) to sign up to WWF’s Climate Savers programme.
Délipapier started its operations in 1999 with a full automaton solution from Metso, which has remained in operation to the present day. More than 12 years after startup, the mill wanted to upgrade its still reliable existing control system so as to benefit from the latest available process and system improvements. Metso’s new generation automation and information platform Metso DNA and Metso IQ with non-nuclear IQ Fiber measurement were selected as a result of an in-depth life cycle planning study of the automation system conducted in the mill and once availability and production targets were set. With this upgrade, the mill aims to implement new hardware and software to increase the stability of the tissue making process, to improve production efficiency, to boost automation availability and to get process visibility and better operability thanks to easy production and process data communication, reporting and alarm handling.

Virtualization technology for cost-efficient upgrade and automation

The upgrade will be implemented using innovative virtualization technology, which aims at delivering more flexible datacenters to reduce costs thanks to server consolidation. This solution will significantly reduce the number of computers normally required for an upgrade and thus decrease both the purchase cost of computers and cabinets, and the operating expenses of such devices, together with the space needed to install them.

Virtualization allows Metso to deliver efficient remote support and maintenance of the control system over its entire lifecycle. Patch deployment, server maintenance, software compatibility and further upgrades can all be executed more efficiently.

The project is scheduled to be completed in October 2013. The value of the order will not be disclosed.

Délipapier belongs to the Italian group Sofidel, which is the second largest manufacturer of paper for hygienic and domestic use in Europe. Sofidel was established more than 40 years ago and operates today with 27 subsidiaries in 13 countries.

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