New polyurethane roll cover for blade coaters


Metso has launched CoteCondor, a new polyurethane roll cover for blade coater backing rolls. CoteCondor is designed for all blade coaters, but especially coaters using hard-coated coater blades. Metso is the first supplier to make polyurethane covers for this application, and the CoteCondor cover is our solution to roll cover edge wear problems: the polyurethane material offers extremely good wear and marking resistance.

Hard-coated coater blades are widely used in blade coaters. The benefits of hard-coated blades include better runnability, improved paper profiles, and longer coater blade lifetimes. Despite the benefits hard-coated blades have one particular disadvantage, backing roll cover wear. Problems particularly tend to occur in the edge area where the roll cover and blade are in contact with each other.

Thanks to its new polyurethane material and compound, the CoteCondor cover’s wear and marking resistance is significantly better than that of conventional roll covers. This leads to much longer cover running periods on the machine. Also, with the CoteCondor cover the amount of material removed in cover regrinding is significantly reduced, which in turn leads to a longer total lifetime.