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Paper and cardboard recycling reaches its peak in Europe


Latest EU data indicates that the quantity of currently recycled paper and cardboard packages in Europe has reached its peak: in the 28 countries of the EU, the recycling rate of paper and cardboard packages was 85.8%, followed at close distance by metal and glass with a recycling rate of 78.3% and 74.1% respectively. The following is the comment byTony Hitchin, general director at Pro Carton (European Association of paperboard and cardboard manufacturers) who stated that «it is great to know that the paper and paperboard recycling rate has reached a record high. Our market research activity supports these statistics and consumers confirm that paperboard and cardboard are not only the most recyclable form of packaging, but that it is also the most environmentally friendly one. Unlike what happens with the packages made from fossil materials, paperboard is a renewable form of packaging and it is great to see that consumers are acknowledging its advantages».


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