Control and monitoring

Pulp and paper quality control and monitoring


Valmet launches renewed Valmet IQ product family to the pulp and paper industry customers. Valmet IQ is a scalable, online quality management solution to optimize the production processes and the end product quality. Valmet IQ is designed with the experience of thousands of system deliveries by Valmet over longer than half a century. The renewed solution consists of a quality control system (QCS), profilers, Web monitoring (WMS) and Web inspection systems (WIS).

Valmet IQ product family features a number of innovations as well as evolutionary product improvements. New first-in-the-market measurements include: an online softness measurement for tissue; a non-nuclear basis weight measurement for pulp drying; camera-based measurements and control for fiber orientation, and a topography-based surface properties and printability prediction.

The profilers, WIS and WMS are renewed in many areas as well: innovations in air-water spray nozzles for re-moisturizing, fully removable diffuser plate with advanced steam injection technology, new advanced solutions for improved image quality, detection and classification.

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