Sun Paper’s second paper machine PM2 in Laos sets a new start-up record


Sun Paper started up a new packaging production line PM2 in Laos. As the 6th packaging paper machine that Voith supplied to Sun Paper, PM2 started up 18 days ahead of schedule and is Sun Paper’s second paper machine outside of China. From stock on wire to paper on reel it took only 1 hour and 46 mins. The team has thus set up a new start-up record for this type of paper machine.

The Laos project is Sun Paper’s “Going Global” strategic expansion, which has already shown the company’s insight and competitiveness by taking advantage of the region’s rich forest resources, geographic location, and future tax privileges brought by the regional comprehensive economic partnership agreement. PM1 and PM2 have helped to increase the proportion of high-quality packaging paper, and the two efficient and reliable paper machines strengthened the cost competitiveness. The two machines are installed in the same workshop, while PM1 is the right-hand machine, producing paper with basis weights of 140-250 g/m2 and an annual output of 520,000 tons; PM2 with left-hand machine direction is producing low-weight products with a range of 100-160 g/m2 and an annual capacity of 480,000 tons.

The start-up of PM2 also signifies that all packaging paper machines operating at Sun Paper are provided by Voith.