Heritage to be protected

The Foundation G. Fedrigoni for the increase in value of Fabriano paper mills


In order to protect the historical heritage of Miliani Fabriano paper mills, now owned by the Fedrigoni Verona ( Italy), the Foundation G. Fedrigoni, the European Institute of the History of Paper and Paper Sciences, has approved the project of cataloguing the 1,553 “forms” or “modules” of making paper by hand, some specimens of which have been loaned to the Museum of Use Paper and Watermark in Fabriano (AN) and Pioraco (MC). The initiative, which is included among the objectives of the corporate bylaws of the Foundation, will result in the enhancement and enjoyment of a unique legacy in Europe.

The execution of the project has been entrusted to a working group of experts in the field of historical properties  related to the manufacture of handmade paper, with the collaboration of Dr. Claudia Caldari , working at the Superintendence for the Historical, Artistic and Ethno-anthropological Heritage of Marche, as part of their  institutional duties.

Hand Mould 47×41×3 cm. Half-bust of Michelangelo Bunarroti (1947).