Toscotec creates a unique reality with Milltech


Toscotec has absorbed, within its company, the production of machines for Milltech tissue. To tell the truth, Toscotec had already bought Milltech in 2012, but it had, however, continued to operate as a separate company. Today, however, Toscotec believes that it is better to offer Milltech solutions within its own portfolio. All Milltech employees have already transferred to Toscotec, including the Chief Executive Officer, Luca Linari, who takes on the role of Sales & Product Manager for energy and environmental systems. This development makes Toscotec one of the few suppliers of tissue processing machinery able to offer the whole set of technologies. «It is an natural evolution for us», states the Chief Executive Officer of Toscotec, Alessandro Mennucci. «When we bought Milltech we created an ideal synergy, reducing energy consumption to a minimum. Milltech has shown its value in this field, but there is no longer any advantage in it remaining a separate company. Its manufacturing structures are already in place at Toscotec: for us it is more logical and strategic to operate as a single entity».